Letter to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) – Health Care Reform not Revolution

Dear Senator Durbin,

I oppose any type of rushed through, ideological, and government expanding legislation. I think I am with most Americans when I say that our health care system needs some major overhauling. The answer of course is not government run, rationed, and socialized medicine. Despite the lies that  American taxpayers are being told about no “Single Payer” plans and no rationing of care, this is exacly what President Obama’s long term plans are. Americans will not stand for more government intrusion in thier lives.

A public option will unfairly destroy private insurance and individual choice by lowering costs and then being absorbed by the taxpayers. Remove competition, and we will be left with yet another poorly run, mismanaged, and abused government institution. This is one institution that the American people cannot afford. The cost is more than any American should have to pay. Our health, well-being, and indeed our very lives are the currency that will pay for rationed and government managed care.

The way we practice medicine in this country is successful due to the capitalistic nature of our great society. Its faults lie in the massive malpractice judgments, frivolous lawsuits, and care of the uninsured or underinsured, including the strain illegal immigrants place on the system. These are things that need the attention, not another government take-over.

I grew up in a household without insurance during most of my childhood. My father was a small business owner who believed that he could more likely afford the illnesses and broken bones of seven children, better than the premiums of health insurance. Each one of us had their share of hospital time and my father paid cash for every single visit. He negotiated the services of the doctor and many times paid only half of what an insured person would. That is the beauty of cash and capitalism and choice!

These are some of the things I would like to see in health care reform:

Lower health care costs by providing more preventive care and reducing frivolous law suits and capping awards.
Make health care universally available by use of a voucher system or tax credit to assist the elderly, poor and underinsured.
Lower insurance costs with preventive care and increased competition in insurance market.
Regulate insurance industry to ensure competitiveness and to promote prevention versus reducing number of claims.
Make insurance portable and available to cover pre-existing conditions.

I have little doubt that some sort of legislation affecting our system of health care will make it to President Obama’s desk and he will sign it. I know you will vote on that bill. I am counting on my representatives to hold fast to fiscally conservative values and oppose any government option or any legislation that does not keep the doctor-patient relationship paramount to government mandates.

Thank you for your time,
[Captain Leadbottom]
Illinois Resident

Thomas Paine’s American Revolution

Check out these interesting videos from youtube vlogger, Dr. Bob Basso. He goes by the youtube username Funbobbasso, so I figure the guy can’t be too bad, with “fun” in his name and all.

Dr. Basso is a 70 year old motivation speaker and, a guest professor at UCLA. His first video has received almost 3 million views and his newest (posted below) will be sure to do as well if not better. In his videos, Dr. Basso can be seen impersonating Thomas Paine, one of the nation’s Founding Father’s. Thomas Paine wrote the pro-revolutionary pamphlet, “Common Sense” in 1776. The pamphlet was read by an estimated three-fourths of all the colonists, and called for independence from Great Britain.

Dr. Basso’s authentic looking American Revolution period costume originally grabbed my attention a few months back when he posted his first video, “The Second American Revolution”. In it, he warns of a government out of control, and American dis-unity. He is quite entertaining and passionate at the least, but his message is even more engaging. While I can’t agree with all of his points, he certainly make some very good ones.

Today Bob’s message is the same as Thomas Paine’s. His latest video, Thomas Paine slams congress for, “passing a the largest spending bill in history without even reading it”. He is also calling for Americans to have a modern day “Tea Party”. Instead of throwing tea in Boston Harbor, Dr. Basso calls for Americans to send a message of protest to their representatives in Congressby mailing a tea-bag. (He has since recommended sending the label only as letters with a substance like the tea itself are being discarded).

Let’s follow Bob’s lead… Let’s use some Common Sense, and get these “Unrepresenting-Representatives” out of office. 

“I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and Common sense . . .”  Thomas Paine, Common Sense