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Fallout of the Blagojevich Arrest and Investigation



Illinois politics is about to receive a face-lift. The fallout from the recent investigation and arrest of Governor Blagojevich will be widespread and have long lasting effects. First to feel the blast of course is the corrupt Governor himself, affectionately known as Blago. He will surely be joining his predecessor for a few years at the Federal Country Club for Corrupt Illinois Politicians. Not to mention our other governors and elected officials that we entrusted with positions of leadership. We in Chicago now have another record to add to our repertoire. In addition to being the highest taxed in the nation, we are the most corrupt city and state in the Union. We put more politicians in jail than we do drug dealers in Illinois.

Well, we are done! The tax paying and voting citizens are finished supporting politicians involved in “Pay to Play” schemes. Gone are the days of complacent constituentswho think and say, “That’s just the way it’s done here”.  For those less than ethical officials in office now, be warned, we are watching your every move. For those considering office, also take heed, you will be scrutinized like no other candidate has.

Many are prediciting an indictment will soon follow for democratic congressman, Jesse Jackson Jr. for his alleged $500,000 offer for the senate seat left vacant by Obama, via an “emmisary”. An emmisary that he denies was sent by or even known to him. Considered a front runner for the senate seat, he had a very good chance and great public opinion followed him. In a press conference, he announced that he was not a target of this investigation and was involved in no wrongdoing. Jackson was thought by many to have  an untarnished record and was an upcoming politician, successfully distancing himself from his father’s way of playing politics. Jackson, Jr. is now one of the central players in Blagojevich “Pay to Play” for a senate seat debacle.

Now the nation’s eyes are upon us. With President-Elect Obama’s senate seat being one of the focus points of the Blagojevich investigation, certain questions are already arising about what he and/or his ad visors knew. Mentioned in the criminal complaint that lead to the Governor’s arrest, are three advisors based in Washington, D.C. Just who are “Advisor A”,  “Advisor B”, and “President-Elect Advisor”?

The Obama transition team will be tested with a scandal even before the President-Elect is inaugurated. There is some speculation that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff, is one of them. Other reports are saying that one of the advisors is David Alexrod. No matter who the advisors are, they will be outed soon and it will be interesting to see how the Obama team distances itself from the President-Elect’s home state’s turmoil.

I predict that Illinois politics will see major upheavals and sweeping changes over the next few years. We are through being embarrassed and bullied by our elected officials. Democratic and Republican strongholds alike, will see sweeping moves by voters to replace even suspect incumbents, and elect only those candidates of the highest moral character and ethics. Out with politicians like Lisa Madigan, Jackson, Emil Jones, Stroger, and yes, Dick Daley too. We need leaders that will truly work for the Illinois taxpayer, and fight to up-root the embedded system of “Pay to Play” politics, family favors, and the cronyism that has strangled the taxpayers of Chicago and the State of Illinois for decades.