SS-LeadbottomCaptain Leadbottom is a 40 year conservative, father of four children, and a devoted husband. Leadbottom was raised in, and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago, and has six younger siblings. A hard working sales manager and entrepreneur, he grew up in a middle-class family, and is the eldest son of a retired local businessman and homemaker.

Leadbottom left home and moved to Florida at the young age of 16 during his rebellious teen years. Maturing into adulthood, he returned to his native Chicago two years later, and at age 18 enlisted in the United States Navy. Captain Leadbottom was deployed during the Gulf War and traveled extensively during his service to his country. His world perspective is based on his many encounters with people of all nationalities and lifestyles, as well as his experience in business, dealing with the public, politicians, and corporate executives.

Captain Leadbottom writes political commentary in his spare time, and enjoys debating the important issues of the day. Leadbottom feels strongly about limited government, individual and state’s rights, and considers himself a fiscal conservative. A self described “modern” conservative, Leadbottom takes a more centrist approach regarding many of today’s social issues such as decriminalization of recreational drugs, abortion, and civil unions.

His strongest held opinions regard national defense, free speech and an overbearing government. The captain also debates passionately about media bias, the economy, climate change, education, civil liberties, gun rights, and other current or historical events.

If you would like to contact Captain Leadbottom please email: CaptainLeadbottom@gmail.com

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  1. Hi

    My brother and I just launched our own Conservative & Tea Party related news website, http://www.teadump.com, and wanted to get a bigger following/readership. I was wondering if you would be willing to exchange links, or a banner, or to write up an article about our site, or just a few simple words or something?

    – Stephen

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