Family Guy – McCain-Palin Button

Family Guy is not known to be reserved in it’s content and often times airs objectionable material. Most of this insulting material is parody which I understand and see the humor in.

However, this unconscionable comparison of Mccain to Nazi Germany is deplorable. I simply cannot believe that the liberal media is continually allowed to slander a respected man and national hero like this without recourse.

Seriously! I am so sick of the double standard in this country. If this sort of thing was on TV reflecting these view about Obama, there would be incredible outrage from the left.

Where is the outrage!!!!
Like John McCain says, “Stand Up and Fight!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 Responses

  1. Actually, the Family Guy joke mocks some of the racist and white supremacist supporters at McCain’s rallies. It doesn’t mock McCain, just some of the extremist supporters we’ve seen lately.

  2. Same thing. I don’t see the media “mocking” any of the racist Obama supporters. With 95% of the black vote, I’m sure there are plenty of racists in that crowd.

    I would be a much better sport about the parody if I saw some fairness. It just seems that these parodies are only cutting one way though.

    Can anyone honestly say that Obama is not receiving an unfair advantage with the media bias and the liberals in Hollywood swooning on his every word?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Family Guy. Especially when they make fun of gays!

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