Get Out The Vote

I was asked today if I was worried about the dummycrats taking the House or the Senate and thought it was high time I posted a blog about it.

I have faith in our party to ultimately do the right thing and get out there and vote “R”. I think I can speak for many republicans that we are angry at the politics that come into play with certain issues like immigration. Our knee-jerk response is to say “Well, I’ll show him/her and not vote for them”.

There is nothing the Dems would like more. In order to marginalize the politics that come into play, the party must feel secure in thier power. They must know that the base will continue to suport them and keep them in office or else they start to waffle and flip and make us want to vote them out.

Lets vote this November to keep the Republicans in power. We cannot afford to stay home because of a handful of moderates and allow a change of power in either the House or the Senate.

More importantly, a loss of the House would be a tremendous set back to our nation. Not only in terms of our efforts to combat terror abroad, but also domestically in terms of higher taxes, and dangerous liberal immigration policies. I have no doubt, that if in power, the left would attempt to impeach this president thus wasting even more of our tax dollars, but also in the proccess would weaken our international projection of power making us even more vulnerable to terrorism.

The thing we must remember is; if we stay home, we may as well be voting for these idiots. The likes of Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the loony left will work to pull out of Iraq and Afganistan, they will appease Iran and North Korea, roll back the Bush tax cuts, and further damage the moral fiber of this nation by appointing more liberal justices and passing liberal and immoral laws that endanger our children. We will be granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and giving up more of our hard earned income and jobs to those that least deserve it.

So get out there and vote on Novemeber 7th. And make sure you are getting your friends and neighbors to vote too. We can keep Washington under Republican control, but only if we each do out part and vote the issues not our anger over a few.