Democrats Use Victims to Stifle Debate

I have had enough of the left abusing victims to forward their agenda. They know they cannot persuade Americans with facts and logic, but resort to tugging on the heart strings of the sympathetic.

This blog is not intended to debate embryonic stem cell research. It is also not about whether Rush Limbaugh was right to question if Michael J. Fox was medicated or not or if he was acting. This blog is not about if Fox has a right to talk about his affliction. What this blog is about; is how democrats use victims to stifle open and honest debate. It is deplorable and it’s about time they are called to the carpet when they use this disgusting strategy.

Everyone wants Michael J. Fox to get well. Who doesn’t love Marty McFly or my favorite young Republican Alex P. Keaton? Who didn’t wish Superman would fly again, as Christopher Reeve sat incapacitated in his wheelchair on parade for his cause? What American does not sympathize with Cindy Sheehan’s loss of her brave son and the family members who lost their loved ones on 9-11? We all do! The left does not have a monopoly on sympathy. They do however; have a monopoly on using these victims to affect national policy and even elections. But what needs to be seen here is the pattern. The pattern is of the left to use victims to stifle open debate.

Ann Coulter certainly made some waves when she called out the 9-11 widows for using their victim status for political motivation. Even I had a tendency to question if Ms. Coulter was being a little harsh on these women claiming they were “enjoying” from their husbands deaths. These victims have been working to investigate government failures before 9-11 and publicly endorsed John Kerry during the presidential election of 2004. I don’t need to know who they support, in order to sympathize with their loss. But why, other than to influence politics, would they publicly support a specific candidate? Now, if you question one of these women about why they do what they do, you are labeled “heartless” and “vicious” and there you have it…end of debate.

We all love to hate the victim who made the most out of her 15 minutes of fame. Cindy Sheehan’s involvement on the political scene is well known. From supporting Kerry to shaking hands with the likes of Chavez to political marches, she has used her victim standing like no other. In fact, if I did have any sympathy for her loss it has been far overshadowed by my contempt for her by using her brave son’s sacrifice to stave off debate. Ask her anything about her political views and all you would hear is “because my son died in a war”. Oops, there it is again. Who wants to debate a grieving widow? Yet she gets a “stage” to spew her leftist and social garbage with no rebuttals.

Howard Dean has to take the cake when he blatantly used the death of both Dana and Christopher Reeve when he said “We owe it to Dana Reeve to recommit ourselves to the cause she so eloquently championed. The best way to honor her life is to continue fighting to ensure that we do everything possible to realize the full promise of full scientific and medical research.” Is anyone starting to see the pattern here?

And last but not least, our dear Mr. Fox and his political attack against Jim Talent and Michael Steel bought and paid for by the Democratic group Majority Action (another wonderful 529). It could not be clearer, whether Fox was medicated or acting or otherwise, that this is another deliberate attempt by democrats to suppress debate. I’m not going to tell poor Marty McFly that he is wrong about his hopes in this research. And if I do, as Mr. Limbaugh found out, you are labeled heartless, callus and cold. Even as I am reading news articles regarding this story I find the following comment:

Dear Michael,
My heart really goes out for you. Just keep your faith. I hope that one day a cure for PD can be found. I really enjoy watching you in the Back to the Future Trilogy. I feel so bad that Rush Limbaugh and some of the others feel the need to take shots at you. You are such a sweet man, and you do exude peace and harmony. You definitely have my support.
Hugs! 🙂

The democrats have sunk to the lowest of the low, once again proving that they cannot debate on equal footing. They will stop at nothing, and will use the most reprehensible and dishonest methods necessary to gain power.

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