Americans Outraged at Chavez

As Hugo Chavez still speaks at a Harlem church in in New York, Americans are becoming outraged at his recent comments insulting President Bush. While addressing the UN Chavez, Venezuela’s elected president, called Bush a “world Dictator”, “The Devil” (more than 8 times), and claimed that the podium “still smelled of sulfur” from when Bush made his address. He has also stated that “The U.S. empire planned and conducted” the 9/11 terror attacks “against its own people” as an excuse to go to war.

Both side of the aisle are speaking out against Chavez’s remarks. Politicians on the left and the right including House Democratic Leader, Nancy Polozzi, Amd. John Bolton and Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice.

Even Charles Rangle (D-NY) spoke words of wisdom when he said, “‘You do not come into my country, my congressional district, and you do not condemn my president. If there is any criticism of President Bush, it should be restricted to Americans, whether they voted for him or not. I just want to make it abundantly clear to Hugo Chavez or any other president, but do not come to the United States and think because we have problems with our president that any foreigner can come to our country and not think that Americans do not feel offended when you offend our Chief of State…”

What would the reaction be in Venezuela if Bush said those things about him. Regardless of whether you agree with our president’s policies or not, Rangel has it right. You offend all Americans when you insult the leader of our nation. Despite our political polarization sometimes, Americans stand together when we are attacked. Chavez has attacked the US.

He and the people of his country do not deserve one red American cent! Refuse to purchase anything from Citgo and tell everyone you know to boycott Citgo. Citgo is a subsidiary of the the Venezuelan state owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela. It has only one shareholder and that is Hugo Chavez. Citgo profits go directly into the coffers of the “Pig” himself. Show your patriotism and boycott citgo!


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