Never Forget ~Share your memories of 9/11~

Never forget. How could I? How could any American erase those horrific images from their mind? Surprisingly, it seems as though some in this nation have forgotten. We are in a long and arduous war on terror. It is a difficult war against terror, against radical Islam and against those who dream of and plot the day that they may attack us again. Let no American ever forget the pain felt by our Nation on that day.  Remember what these killers did to our brothers and sisters and know that these evil radicals live to see another 9/11.


As the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, I find that I am compelled to share my thoughts of that day and ask my friends and readers to share theirs. I know that it can be painful for some, but please share. This is the fuel that keeps us focused against our enemies.


My wife calls me into the bedroom where she is watching the morning news. I am getting ready for me day and dressing for work. As I looked at the television, she fills me in on the story to this point and tells me that a small plane crashed into the World Trade Center.


I recall thinking that the hole it left was too small for a private plane. Being an amateur pilot, I didn’t think that a small plane could do that much damage. I kept asking her, “Was it a prop or a small jet?” She didnt know. Of course, no one knew then. The news reports were sketchy at best.


As I am scratching my head trying to figure out how that building could have been hit by a small plane, the thought starts to occur to me that something is not right. Planes just dont fly into buildings! The second jetliner then slams into the south tower with such speed and force that I nearly felt it through the TV. I certainly felt it in my heart. In a moment, there was no doubt that this was an intentional attack. I was confused. I was shocked. I remember asking my wife, “Who would want to fly planes into buildings?”


I think I knew right away that this was a terror attack. I always knew that it was just a matter of time before the same terror that we have seen throughout the middle-east would be visited upon us. I just always thought that the terrorist would use bombs in busses or buildings. Never did I imagine that they would fly kamikaze missions into our most significant national landmarks. Once the Pentagon was hit, my beliefs were again confirmed.


We will be going to war hon. The Pentagon does not get hit without us responding with war. Simple as that! I tell my wife. I was certain that this was the beginning of a long and difficult war. My feelings about radical Islam were already well formed after serving in the Gulf war and having visited much of the middle-east. I didnt need to hear about Bin Laden. I knew this was much more than just one man and a band of terrorist. This was much bigger. This event changed would change the world. I knew in an instant that if the United States and other willing nations did not respond to eliminate this threat, that we would continue to witness events like 9/11.


We must never again allow ourselves to be vulnerable to another attack. We must defeat these Islamic extremists in their homelands and on our terms. We all must make sacrifice and do whatever we can to support our brave men and women, fighting to keep us free and safe. We must remember those brave souls of the NYPD and the NYFD, as well as all the support personnel and civilians, who risked and their lives to save innocent life that dreadful day. We must never forget the those lost in the towers, in the aircrafts, and in the pentagon.We must remember that day and never forget how we felt when our nation was attacked and our resolve grew. How could we forget?

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