Nuke Iran?

Who said we are going to use nukes on Iran???

Nobody has stated that we are “considering” using nukes on Iran. All that has been said is that a nuclear option is not “off the table”. Since when has the United States EVER taken this option off the table? This option alone is why we are a “Superpower”. The US has shown the ability to use restraint when considering the use of nuclear weapons. If nothing, the Cold War had proved that. It proved, that through the use of strong diplomatic and economic efforts, that this “last resort” option can be avoided when threatened by other responsible (key word) nuclear powers.

We are not dealing with another responsible nuclear nation in this case. We are dealing with a nation that supports terrorism, funds terrorists, has made clear its anti-semetic intentions and desires, and considers civilian populations and third parties to be fair targets. Now, put nuclear technology in that type of government and we will be having a very different discussion about what to do. At that point it will be too late. Terrorism not Diplomacy will spread throughout the mid-east, and for those of you who think these terrorist nations have true diplomacies you have again been misled by liberal media. We will be talking about how to disarm them and prevent the proliferation of this technologies to other rogue nations and directly into the hands of terrorists. We will likely also be talking about what to do about the nuclear attack on Isreal as this will most likely be the first target. 

We cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power! It’s that simple. I am for whatever measures will cost the least amount of life, least amount of taxpayer dollars, yet ensuring the prevention of Iran obtaining the ability to build a bomb. This cannot this be done with conventional forces at this time, nor in the near future. Our military is already streched to it’s limits. I certainly dont think a full scale invasion is nessesary nor desired, or even smart in fact. It would be foolish at this point, to use nukes on Iran. We (the US) are way to early in the diplomatic process to even be thinking about that. China, Russia and our image in the Mid-east are also things to be considered at this point. If we have any Arab friends in the region, the use of any type of nuke will be certain to shrink that number and cause even more resentment toward the US. A resentment that can potentially strengthen our enemies and cause even more violence in the region.  

This being said, we do have the technology and ability to deliver effective conventional strategic strikes on many of the suspect installations and other military targets. These attacks can at least set their nuclear ambitions back a few years. Time enough to allow us to free up our troops and prepare for a full scale conventional invasion if needed. With any luck, via a combination of diplomatic efforts and economic pressures on China and Russia and Arab nations, and dare I say unilateral discussions and more direct dialogue with Iran with the possability of trade we can avert another Cold War or worse an actual attack on our homeland or our allies in the middle east.