Gay Marriage Does Not Work

The lesbian couple who sparked the nations latest debate on gay marriage have themselves “proved” that gay marriage is NOT an institution (see article below). At the heart of the issue is the child. Yet another child of an irresponsible parent, emotionally scarred, not only by gay marriage but now “gay divorce”. They have proved that gays in this country do not understand nor respect the sancitity of this holy union. By it’s very nature a gay marriage is destined to fail.

This cuts to the quick, the very center of what is at issue. If we allow gay marriages as a matter of law, precident is thereby set, thus making it possible for gays to adopt children as easily as a heterosexual couple. We can clearly see in the example set by these two self indulgent homosexuals that thier child was the least of thier concern when they entered thier “marriage”. Now this child, and others subject to laws allowing gay marriage, will suffer.

Homosexuality is a selfish way of life. It is more about sexual promiscuity, deviancy, fetishism, and self satisfaction than it is about true love and companionship. The type of love found between a man and a woman.

People may do as they wish (to an extent) in the privacy of thier own homes. My neighbors sex life is none of my business, and it not my child’s business either! For such a vocal minority to be grated leagal protections is outrageous and is call for alarm. Mark my words, this is only the first battle. Allow gay marraiges, and we will be allowing pedophiles and paligamist the same protections 20 years from now. Don’t think so? Look at the dutch. They acknowledge a political party that supprorts pedophilia and beastiality. Don’t think it can happen here? We never thought we would be talking about gay marriage 20 yrs ago either.

BOSTON – The lesbian couple whose landmark lawsuit helped Massachusetts become the only state in America where same-sex couples can marry legally have split up, a spokeswoman said Friday.

Julie and Hillary Goodridge and six other gay and lesbian couples sued Massachusetts for the right to marry and won when the states highest court ruled narrowly for them in 2003.
Their suit helped spark a nationwide debate on gay marriage.

The women are amicably living apart, Mary Breslauer, a spokeswoman for the couple said. As always their number one priority is raising their daughter, and like the other plaintiff couples in this case, they made an enormous contribution toward equal marriage. But they are no longer in the public eye, and request that their privacy be respected.