To Kill or Not to Kill…

My friend Avi started a topic on capitol punishment. It inspired me to post my (slightly elaborated) response in this blog:

Capital punishment is one of those evils that I wish, as a society, was not nessesary. Unfortunately, given the violent world we live in, where criminals kill with such brutality and without remorse, it is.

I certainly agree and understand that wrongly convicted and innocent people have been put to death and there will undoubtedly be more. This is a symptom of our sometimes imperfect justice system that often rewards for conviction rate rather than succesful procecutions of criminal. Too often, wealth and race play a part, and far too often our system shows it’s flaws. I seriously doubt that our justice system will be repaired any time soon, but I truly believe that we have the fairest judicial system in the world.

This said, I believe in capital punishment so strongly that I would be willing to die myself, so that innocent lives can be spared from the muderous phycopaths and vicious predators for whom, imprisonment would be an injustice.

To me, it is worth this risk to keep, and in the case of my state, enforce the death penalty. Yes, even if one of my own children or family members were to be one of those wrongfully prosecuted, it would still worth the risk to be able to use capital punishment as a deterent, and as a method to rid the world of those who have no regard for human life and dignity.

I pray for the day that our justice system is truly fair. I pray more for the day that we can all live in harmony, so that we may never have a need to put another human to death. Until that day, I pray for mercy on thier souls.

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