Right to Privacy

I am sick and tired of these dangerous leaks putting our citizens at risk of another terror attack! It wasn’t so long ago that these acts would be considered treason and punishable by jail or even death.

I have yet to see any harm come to an American citizen as a result of the NSA wiretaps and the new revelation announce today regarding phone records. I am more worried about the “dude” at the wireless phone store than I am about the government having access to my records. Knowing something about me is a far cry from destroying my liberties.

One’s right to privacy as according to the Constitution, is at best, debatable. No where in the Consitution are Americans given the right to privacy. We have many rights, including not be be unlawfully searched or have our property seized as such, I am more concerned over imminent domain laws that gives the government the right to steal property in order to put up a new condo. The Constitution does however state that the Governemt will provide for the common defense. I interpret this to mean that they will protect me and my family against foreign and domestic enemies. If the collection of records and data can facilitate this and prevent terrorism or even domestic criminal acts I am in favor.

What I really want to know is; who gave people the right to deny me this protection and security offered by the government I entrust to protect me and my family. If my neighbor is planning a bombing of the nearby shopping mall and a wiretap or collecting the data of who he is calling will prevent it, I think I can let them hear my boring calls to my clients. Oh maybe you are afraid that Uncle Sam will learn about that adulterous phone affair or listen to you score a bag a weed. I’d rather take my chances that they catch the terrorist.

I am one of those who do not have this Big Brother “phobia”. When will people wake up and realize that the same technology that allows us to “spy” is the same technology that also allows peoples from around the globe to communicate and share ideas. This same technology allows us to see if Iran or North Korea or any one of a number of potential threats to our national security are building something they shouldn’t be. When will these alarmists stop trying to protect us from the President and start protecting us from those who would do us harm???