May Day 2006

1. If you are not a citizen you do not have a right to free speech in this country. The right to gather and protest is reserved for those who understand the writings of the Constitution of The United States of America and the first amendment.


2. We have a RIGHT to a sovereign nation. This means we have the right (Given by GOD) to secure OUR right of liberty by protecting our boarders, making our own laws, and ensuring that the government provides for the defense of IT’S CITIZENS.


3. The greater of the American population was awakened by these so-called protests held on communist May-Day. They are now forcing legislation with more vigor than ever before. YOU my friend are “losing”


4. There are plenty of Americans who will pick grapes (and do it for 1.25/hr). For every illegal worker here, many more of our less educated remain unemployed and lose their jobs. I refer you to the Center for Immigration Studies here:


5. Do not mistake a good legal immigration policy; one that protects our borders, keeps criminals and terrorist out, allows workers and those interested in living the American way of life in, or remain here and apply for citizenship if documented after they answer for their crime and fall behind in line to those who follow the legal path to immigration, for a policy that will endanger our security and our economy and the sovereignty of the United States.