Right to Privacy

I am sick and tired of these dangerous leaks putting our citizens at risk of another terror attack! It wasn’t so long ago that these acts would be considered treason and punishable by jail or even death.

I have yet to see any harm come to an American citizen as a result of the NSA wiretaps and the new revelation announce today regarding phone records. I am more worried about the “dude” at the wireless phone store than I am about the government having access to my records. Knowing something about me is a far cry from destroying my liberties.

One’s right to privacy as according to the Constitution, is at best, debatable. No where in the Consitution are Americans given the right to privacy. We have many rights, including not be be unlawfully searched or have our property seized as such, I am more concerned over imminent domain laws that gives the government the right to steal property in order to put up a new condo. The Constitution does however state that the Governemt will provide for the common defense. I interpret this to mean that they will protect me and my family against foreign and domestic enemies. If the collection of records and data can facilitate this and prevent terrorism or even domestic criminal acts I am in favor.

What I really want to know is; who gave people the right to deny me this protection and security offered by the government I entrust to protect me and my family. If my neighbor is planning a bombing of the nearby shopping mall and a wiretap or collecting the data of who he is calling will prevent it, I think I can let them hear my boring calls to my clients. Oh maybe you are afraid that Uncle Sam will learn about that adulterous phone affair or listen to you score a bag a weed. I’d rather take my chances that they catch the terrorist.

I am one of those who do not have this Big Brother “phobia”. When will people wake up and realize that the same technology that allows us to “spy” is the same technology that also allows peoples from around the globe to communicate and share ideas. This same technology allows us to see if Iran or North Korea or any one of a number of potential threats to our national security are building something they shouldn’t be. When will these alarmists stop trying to protect us from the President and start protecting us from those who would do us harm???

May Day 2006

1. If you are not a citizen you do not have a right to free speech in this country. The right to gather and protest is reserved for those who understand the writings of the Constitution of The United States of America and the first amendment.


2. We have a RIGHT to a sovereign nation. This means we have the right (Given by GOD) to secure OUR right of liberty by protecting our boarders, making our own laws, and ensuring that the government provides for the defense of IT’S CITIZENS.


3. The greater of the American population was awakened by these so-called protests held on communist May-Day. They are now forcing legislation with more vigor than ever before. YOU my friend are “losing”


4. There are plenty of Americans who will pick grapes (and do it for 1.25/hr). For every illegal worker here, many more of our less educated remain unemployed and lose their jobs. I refer you to the Center for Immigration Studies here: http://www.cis.org/articles/2006/back206.html


5. Do not mistake a good legal immigration policy; one that protects our borders, keeps criminals and terrorist out, allows workers and those interested in living the American way of life in, or remain here and apply for citizenship if documented after they answer for their crime and fall behind in line to those who follow the legal path to immigration, for a policy that will endanger our security and our economy and the sovereignty of the United States.

Great American Backlash

Something happened to day in the streets of Chicago. 100,000 protesters were granted a wish. Their wish? They want to get a message to America. They wish to create a turning point in the fight for immigration status and reform and show American what they mean to us. It happened. It happened in the streets of Los Angeles, Houston, New York and many other cities in our Nation. The cries and the message of the illegal immigrants have been heard loud and clear by the American public and we will do something about it. The message: We feel we have an inalienable right to your services, jobs, liberties, and in more extreme cases, your very land and liberty. We have the same rights as citizens of the United States simply from being able to hide in your country and break your laws long enough. You’re politicians pander to us for [illegal] votes, so you are basically helpless to do anything but accept our will, make us citizens and make your country more like ours. That was the message I heard, and I think you heard it too. Now the momentum has swung to the other side. Today Americans, including many Democrats and Republicans alike, Legal Immigrants, and a plethora of unlikely citizens from all walks of life heard much more than they bargained for and are angry and acting. They saw firsthand, what those in the know, knew for many years, that there is a potentially disastrous and total disregard for our laws, sovereign borders, customs, patriotism, and peoples. Many voices were heard today and many eyes opened. No longer can our elected leaders ignore this problem. Now is the time to put the pressure on them and spread the word, while true Americans are rallied. Tell them that we will not stand for unsecure borders, fleecing of our government and health services, full amnesty programs, ineffective enforcement and immigration processing. Perhaps, some of today’s protesters will have second thoughts of flaunting their “economic power” now that the Great American Backlash is about to be unleashed. The American people were outraged and insulted today by the blatant, “in your face”, show of disrespect for our laws and culture, to the point that many are finally starting to act and pressure our leadership. The floodgates are about to be closed, the jobs will become scarce and the “free ride to freedom” will be quelled. It has made people see the need for real reform and less rhetoric and the urgency to get good legislation passed despite the reluctance of business and politicians to do so. The message is also clear that we must do something about the people who are here, and those waiting. This country was founded on, and thrives from legal immigrants of all peoples who wish to live free and pursue happiness. I take pride being a patriotic citizen of one of the most culturally diverse nations on the globe. However, we must stop the pillaging of our jobs and government services and stop the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants at our borders, lest we lose the very security that allows us to be free and continue welcome the worlds peoples with open arms. Contact your leaders and representatives today. Take 10 minutes and send a letter. http://www.congress.org/