Former IL Gov. Ryan Guilty

Good news for the State of Il. today. Fomer Il. governor and Sec. of State George Ryan was found guilty in federal court. Ryan was found guilty of all 18 counts charged against him of fleecing the state and it’s taxpayers. Charges ranged from accepting gifts and cash in exchange for awarding state contracts to using state workers to aid his campaign. His friend (croney), Larry Warner was also found guilty of 12 counts. They were tried together.

I am very glad the jury in this case brought some justice to the Illinois taxpayers and families of those hurt and killed on Illinois highways due to rewarding drivers licences in exchange for bribes. This is croneism at it’s worst and it certainly followed Ryan to the highest office in the state. Ryan states that this is the way it’s done in our state. Thats the very heart of the issue and Illinois residence are weary of it. I can’t stand Illinois politics and dispite the former governor’s party affiliation, I can’t stand him either. Never could, even from the time he was Sec of State.

“I hope this case begins the end of the political prostitution that seems to have been evident in the state of Illinois, and begins the resurrection of honest government services,”  said Robert Grant, of the Chicago office of the FBI. I don’t think he could have said it better. Imagine how better off our state services would be with efficient and honest leadership in office. Our sales and propertay taxes are among the highest in the nation and it is in no small part due to this “prostitution”. Hopefully Mr. Grant is right and this verdict will usher in a new era of how politics works in Illinois.

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