No Deal on Illegal Immigrants

Why are our leaders even considering such a compromise? Why should people who have been successful at committing a crime longer be rewarded? Why is our leadership bowing down to the libs on this issue? Security? I think not. In fact, it is evident to me, that this is still nothing more that pandering to voters. Voters in fact, which mean very little in my opinion for passing this bill, may alienate many voters in the base (like me). Its bad enough that we are losing jobs due to the lower labor costs in Mexico and overseas. Now, we are going to allow illegals to come here and take our jobs right from under our noses. We need to let out leadership know now, as in today, that this is not acceptable.


Instead of fearing these demonstrations, what we need to do is send a bunch of immigration officers down there to rustle up some more illegals for deportation. Im sure that would disperse the crowds quickly enough.


What is needed is more enforcement not more legislation. I dont mean boarder security either. Of course we need that as well, but what we really need to do is cut off the source. Supply and demand is the issue here. There is a high demand for cheap labor. This is no surprise. There is attractive opportunity with little risk to the offenders, both the illegal immigrant and those who employ them. The illegal gets work and at worst, if caught, sent back to Mexico only to return a few weeks later. The employer gets fined at best but generally does not because forged and illegal documentation keeps the employer out of trouble.


Stiffer penalties including jail time for offending employers and federal assistance for those who hire immigrants legally. Stopping the flow of illegal immigrants can only be achieved if we penalize employers who hire them, to the extent that the penalty outweighs the benefits. When employers stop hiring these illegals, the benefits to come to this country also get reduced for there will be no jobs unless you come here legally.


Reward those who support immigration legally. While there is no question illegal immigration hurts our economy and threatens our security it is equally evident that legal workers contribute greatly to our society in many ways. We need to pass legislation that encourages employers via federal and state funding to hire immigrants that are documented and work here legally. We need to ensure safe working environments and benefits for these workers and make the legal path to work here more attractive then the illegal route.


Take time to write to your representative today!


 Under the Republican proposals, illegal immigrants who have been in the US for more than five years about two thirds of the 11m – could switch to legal status without leaving the country if they met eight requirements, such as speaking English, having worked for at least three of the last five years and paid all federal and state taxes.

Illegal immigrants in the US for between two and five years can secure a temporary work visa, but must first leave the country. They may apply for legal status later, and have priority over other immigrants applying for green cards. Illegal immigrants in the country for fewer than two years must return home and apply for a temporary worker visa.

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